35mm Equivalent

Technology / Digital Cameras / 35mm Equivalent: Focal length is a measure of the distance (in millimeters) from the optical center of a camera's lens to its focal point, which is located on the image sensor. Because digital cameras' focal lengths are measured differently than traditional film cameras, manufacturers usually give a '35mm equivalent' focal length in their specs. This helps 35mm film photographers get a better idea of just how wide-angle or telephoto a digital camera will be in relation to their film cam. A typical digital camera's 35mm equivalent focal length might be 28-280mm, while its actual focal length measures 4.6-46mm. The reason that a range of numbers is given here (28mm to 280mm) is due to the fact that most digital cameras have a zoom lens, which can change focal lengths. A fixed lens has only one focal length. A camera lens's focal length can tell you a lot about what kinds of pictures it will be able to take well. With a long focal length, like 280mm, a camera is better able to capture far-off subjects (such a lens is also known as 'telephoto'). With a short focal length, like 28mm, a camera can capture the scene immediately before it more completely (this kind of lens is considered 'wide-angle').

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Equivalent Noun Synonyms: match, equal, peer, counterpart, twin
Equivalent Adjective Synonyms: tantamount, commensurate, alike, similar, close, comparable, corresponding, interchangeable, equal, synonymous, of a piece or a kind

Equivalent Focal Length

Entertainment / Photography / Equivalent Focal Length: Distance in a lens between the front nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is set to focus a subject at infinity. In a telephoto lens the equivalent focal length is shorter than the back focus MORE

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