Technology / Digital Cameras / Application: A computer program, such as an image editor or image browser.

Other Words for Application

Application Noun Synonyms: use, employment, utilization, practice, operation

Application Server

Technology / Computers / Application Server: This is a specialized server based in a client/server network that has the sole responsibility of running specific applications within that network. MORE

Mutually Exclusive Applications

Technology / Cell Phones / Mutually Exclusive Applications: Two or more applications for the same spectrum use rights. MORE

Retrograde Application

Science / Astrology / Retrograde Application: Term used in reference to a retrograde planet which, because of its retrograde motion, applies to an aspect with another planet. If both planets are moving toward each other, the term mutual applicati MORE


Life Style / College / Application-Acceptance-Admission: The process by which a prospective student submits the required forms and credentials to his/her chosen institution. Application criteria may include one or more of the following: previous academic re MORE

Helper Application

Technology / Computers / Helper Application: This is an application your browser uses to manipulate a downloaded program. MORE

Application Service Provider

Business / Internet Marketing / Application Service Provider: Provider of applications/services that are distributed through a network to many customers in exchange for a stream of smaller payments as opposed to one fixed, upfront price. MORE