Technology / Digital Cameras / Archival: The ability of a material, including some printing papers and compact discs, to last for many years.

Archival Paper

Life Style / Painting / Archival Paper: Archival watercolor paper is any pure 100% rag , cotton, or linen watercolor paper of neutral or slightly low ph, alkaline (base) vs. Acidic, and pure ingredients. Some synthetic papers are archival i MORE

Archival Permanence Treatments

Entertainment / Photography / Archival Permanence Treatments: Various treatments given to prints to make them fade-resistant. MORE

Wove Paper

Life Style / Painting / Wove Paper: A paper showing even texture and thickness when held to light. Created with a very fine netting, a uniform, smooth texture results. Often used in fine writing and calligraphy, archival quality woven p MORE


Life Style / Painting / Giclees: Editioned prints made with high resolution ink jet printers using pigmented inks and archival, artist-grade papers. Lightfast ratings close to original paintings. Go to Giclee Art Links Page. MORE

Peer-Reviewed Journal

Entertainment / Literature / Peer-Reviewed Journal: Also called a refereed journal, a juried publication, a scholarly journal, or a critical journal, a peer-reviewed journal is a periodical publication with strict standards for accuracy and clear think MORE

Fiber Based Paper

Entertainment / Photography / Fiber Based Paper: Photographic paper without a resin coating. Processing times are longer than for other papers, but the paper is more archivally permanent. MORE