Auto Focus

Technology / Digital Cameras / Auto Focus: All Digital Cameras feature the Auto Focus (AF) function. In AF mode a Digital Camera automatically focuses on the subject in the center of the image area. However, more and more Digital Cameras are incorporating a multi focus function with some models even providing the capability to select the focus area.

Other Words for Focus

Focus Verb Synonyms: centre, concentration, focal point, heart, core, target, convergence, hub, nave, cynosure
Focus Noun Synonyms: concentrate, centre, converge, meet, pinpoint, spotlight, bring into focus, zero in

European Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (EASDAQ)

Business / Finance / European Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (EASDAQ): Stock index, computed by Morgan Stanley Capital International. MORE

Fixed Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Fixed Focus: Lens camera system that has no method of focusing on a fixed point, usually at the hyperfocal distance. MORE

Differential Focusing

Entertainment / Photography / Differential Focusing: Setting the camera controls to produce minimum depth of field, so that image sharpness is limited to a particular subject element. MORE