Technology / Digital Cameras / Burning: Selectively darkening part of a photo with an image editing program.

Other Words for Burning

Burning Adjective Synonyms: flaming, blazing, fiery, ablaze, aflame, afire, on fire

Burning Rate

Technology / Rockets / Burning Rate: In solids, the rate at which the burning surface recedes as it combusts. Affected by pressure, temperature and the scrubbing of hot gases. MORE

Erosive Burning

Technology / Rockets / Erosive Burning: Increased burning rate in solids and hybrids created by the action of high velocity gases. MORE

Burning In

Entertainment / Photography / Burning In: See printing-in. MORE

Yield Burning

Business / Finance / Yield Burning: The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares. MORE

End Burner

Technology / Rockets / End Burner: A 'cigarette burning' grain inhibited or case bonded on the external surface burning only on its face. MORE

Burn Area

Technology / Rockets / Burn Area: The actively burning surface of a rocket grain, either solid or hybrid. MORE