CCD Technology

Technology / Digital Cameras / CCD Technology: With cameras with this technology it acts like a enhancer it uses the technology to enable images of a higher pixel resolution. Instead of the light-sensitive elements in standard CCD, it uses larger octagonal arranged in a slight honeycomb pattern which provides a highly detailed result.

Recombinant Dna Technology

Science / Biology / Recombinant Dna Technology: A series of techniques in which DNA fragments are linked to self-replicating forms of DNA to create recombinant DNA molecules. These molecules in turn are replicated in a host cell to create clones of MORE

High Speed Technology (HST)

Technology / Computers / High Speed Technology (HST): Before the invention of the CCITT V.32 modem standards for 9600 BPS modems, US Robotics invented a proprietary protocol that runs even faster at 14,400 BPS. It became popular on US bulletin board syst MORE

Sequencing Technology

Science / Genetics / Sequencing Technology: The instrumentation and procedures used to determine the order of nucleotides in dna. MORE

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

Technology / Computers / Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA): A computer bus designed to transfer data to and from a hard drive using serial signaling technology. Because SATA cables are thinner than its ribbon type counterpart, they can be connected to more dev MORE

Technology Transfer

Science / Genetics / Technology Transfer: The process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products by the commercial sector. MORE

T-Grain Technology

Entertainment / Photography / T-Grain Technology: Name for kodaks film emulsion technology used in all kodak aps films. Uniquely shaped grains that align better than conventional silver crystals absorb and transmitting light more effectively to produ MORE