Technology / Digital Cameras / CD-R: CD-Recordable: a compact disc that holds either 650 or 700 MB of digital information, including digital photos. Creating one is commonly referred to as burning a CD. A CD-R disc can only be written to once, and is an ideal storage medium for original digital photos.

Compact Disk Rewritable (CD-RW)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disk Rewritable (CD-RW): A rewritable CD or a recording device that handles them. Can be rewritten by a CD recording device at least 1,000 times. CD-RW drives can also be used to write CD-Rs and read CD-ROMs. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / CD-RW: CD-Rewritable: similar in virtually all respects to a CD-R, except that a CD-RW disc can be written and erased many times. This makes them best suited to many backup tasks, but not for long term stora MORE

Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM): A durable and low cost circular optical storage device widely used to store large amounts of information on a personal computer. MORE

Compact Disk Recordable (CD-R)

Technology / Computers / Compact Disk Recordable (CD-R): A CD that can have information written to it one time by a CD recording device. May have multisession capabilities, allowing it to be written to during different sessions, but not overwritten. MORE


Life Style / College / Courseware: The media, either text, computer program, or CD-ROM that contains the instructional content of the course. MORE

Enhanced TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Enhanced TV: Or enhanced digital television (EDTV) (also known as datacasting). A term used for certain digital on-air programming (not generally available today) that includes additional resources viewers can dow MORE