Camera Bag

Technology / Digital Cameras / Camera Bag: A protective padded back for the camera and accessories.

Other Words for Bag

Bag Verb Synonyms: catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land, kill, shoot
Bag Noun Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, carrier bag, poke, pocket

One Shot Color Camera

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Color Camera: Is an obsolete plate camera making three color separation negatives from a single exposure. MORE

Multiple-Camera Production

Technology / Television (TV) / Multiple-Camera Production: A mode of production unique to television wherein two or more cameras are used to record the scene, enabling simultaneous and/or post-production editing. The mode used in most sitcoms and all soap ope MORE

Multimode Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Multimode Camera: Is a 35mm camera that will operate in several modes. MORE

Panoramic Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Panoramic Camera: Camera with a special type of scanning lens which rotates on its rear nodal point and produces an image of the scanned area on a curved plate or film. MORE

Pinhole Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Pinhole Camera: Camera without a lens which uses a very small hole pierced in one end to allow light to pass through and form an image on the back of the camera which can be covered by film. MORE

Pounce Bag

Life Style / Painting / Pounce Bag: Used to dust pounced drawings. To make a pounce bag place a small wad of cotton balls in the middle of a coarsely woven square rag (a pink shop rag works well) and add a couple tablespoons of powdered MORE