Continuous Shooting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Continuous Shooting: Successive images in rapid sequence; relatively slow in digital cameras.

Other Words for Continuous

Continuous Adjective Synonyms: incessant, persistent, perpetual, non-stop, unceasing, ceaseless, constant, unremitting, interminable, endless, unending, continual
Continuous Verb Synonyms: connected, unbroken, uninterrupted


Business / Finance / Overshooting: The tendency of a pool of MBS to reflect an especially high rate of prepayments the first time it crosses the threshold for refinancing, especially if two or more years have passed since the date of i MORE

Panorama Shooting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Panorama Shooting: Photographing several overlapping images in succession that can be joined in the computer using software. MORE

Outside Shooting

Entertainment / Basketball / Outside Shooting: Shots taken from the perimeter. MORE

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar)

Technology / Radar / Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FM CW Radar): Frequency modulated continuous wave radar makes use of frequency modulation to allow the range of a target to be measured. MORE

Continuous Wave Radar (CW Radar)

Technology / Radar / Continuous Wave Radar (CW Radar): Continuous wave (cw) radar continually transmits energy in the direction of the target and receives back reflection of the continuous wave. MORE

Discontinuous Variation

Science / Biology / Discontinuous Variation: Occurs when the phenotypes of traits controlled by a single gene can be sorted into two distinct phenotypic classes. MORE