Digital Camera

Technology / Digital Cameras / Digital Camera: A camera that captures the photo not on film, but in an electronic imaging sensor that takes the place of film.

Digital Video (DV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Video (DV): Any video format that relies on digital technology for recording and/or editing. For example, video recorded with a digital camera or edited on a nonlinear editing system. MORE

Digital Zoom

Technology / Digital Cameras / Digital Zoom: The ability to magnify an optical image digitally, using interpolation. Digital cameras can come with quite high levels of digital zoom, but the image quality suffers noticeably as more digital zoom i MORE

Secure Digital (SD) Card

Technology / Digital Cameras / Secure Digital (SD) Card: A Secure Digital (SD) card is an SDMI-compliant flash memory card used in many digital cameras, memory players, and other portable digital devices. Like other SDMI-compliant cards, an SD card uses an MORE

Lens Shutter Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Shutter Camera: Camera with the shutter built into the lens. MORE

Large Format Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Large Format Camera: General term for any camera having a picture format of 4 x 5 inches or larger. MORE

Miniature Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Miniature Camera: Is a term commonly applied to cameras with a format size of less than 35mm. MORE