Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Digital Signal Processing (DSP): (also known as processor) This processes the raw data before it can be stored and viewed on the memory card.

Personal Digital Cellular (PDC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Digital Cellular (PDC): The Japanese cellular standard. MORE

Parallel Digital

Technology / Television (TV) / Parallel Digital: A digital video interface which uses twisted pair wiring and 25-pin D connectors to convey the bits of a digital video signal in parallel. There are various component and composite parallel digital vi MORE

Natural Language Processing

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Natural Language Processing: Algorithms which attempt to understand the true intent of a search query rather than just matching results to keywords. MORE

Post-Trade Processing

Business / Taxes / Post-Trade Processing: Each securities transaction goes through post-trade processing during which the details of the trade are compared, cleared, and settled. This involves matching the details of the buy order with those MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Processing: Sequence of steps whereby a latent photographic image is converted into a visible, permanent image. MORE

Prosodic Signal

Entertainment / Literature / Prosodic Signal: Algeo defines this as the '[p]itch, stress, or rhythm as grammatical signals' (327). MORE