Effective Pixel Count

Technology / Digital Cameras / Effective Pixel Count: There are two different ways to think about the pixels on a camera's image sensor. 'Actual' pixels is a simple count of every pixel present on the sensor. 'Effective' pixels, however, is a count of all the pixels used to record an image and it's almost always a tiny bit lower than the 'actual' count, because some pixels on a sensor aren't used to record picture information. Effective pixel count is widely used, because it's a much more accurate way to assess a camera's maximum picture capture capability.

Other Words for Count

Count Noun Synonyms: count up or off, enumerate, number, calculate, add up, total, reckon, compute, tally, figure up, quantify, figure out
Count Verb Synonyms: include, consider, regard, deem, judge, look on or upon

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Effective Verb Synonyms: effectual, efficacious, productive, capable,eful, serviceable, competent, operative, able, functional, efficient
Effective Adjective Synonyms: impressive, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, striking, powerful, compelling, moving, telling, effectual


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