Exif Print

Technology / Digital Cameras / Exif Print: An Exif Print-capable camera is great if you're going to be printing out photos on an Exif Print-compatible photo printer. The camera records information like exposure settings and light metering at the time when a photo was taken, and attaches that information to the picture file. A compatible printer takes note of this info and adjusts its settings accordingly, to permit the most accurate, lifelike photo print possible.

Other Words for Print

Print Verb Synonyms: text, printed matter, type, writing, language, wording, (choice of) words, phrasing
Print Noun Synonyms: impress, imprint, stamp, publish, issue, run off, put out, copy, (pull a) proof
Print Adjective Synonyms: reproduction, copy, replica, facsimile, positive, photograph, etching, (steel or wood-)engraving, lithograph, woodcut, linocut, silk screen, rotogravure, Trade Mark Xerox, picture, illustration, photo, cut, pic

Out Of Print

Business / Finance / Out Of Print: Not open on the print. See: Clean. MORE

Photo File Index Print

Entertainment / Photography / Photo File Index Print: Makes ordering reprints and enlargements easy. A small print shows a positive, 'thumbnail' version of every picture on an aps roll. Each thumbnail picture is numbered on the index print to match the f MORE

Positive-Positive Printing

Entertainment / Photography / Positive-Positive Printing: Process for printing a color transparency directly on paper to produce a positive print. MORE