Technology / Digital Cameras / Exposure: Exposure refers to the amount of light to which the camera's image sensor is exposed. Three factors go into exposure: aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity. By adjusting these factors, either separately and manually, or by using predefined exposure settings, you can affect the way your digital camera handles photos taken in unusual settings (such as pictures taken of people running, or at twilight). Different digital cameras have greater and lesser levels of control over exposure settings.

Other Words for Exposure

Exposure Noun Synonyms: baring, uncovering, laying open, unveiling, disclosure, disclosing, unmasking, revealing, revelation, expos‚, airing, publication, publishing, communicating, communication, leaking, leak, divulging

Exposure Registry

Health / Disease / Exposure Registry: A system of ongoing followup of people who have had documented environmental exposures. MORE

Point Of Exposure

Health / Disease / Point Of Exposure: The place where someone can come into contact with a substance present in the environment [see exposure pathway]. MORE

Route Of Exposure

Health / Disease / Route Of Exposure: The way people come into contact with a hazardous substance. Three routes of exposure are breathing [inhalation], eating or drinking [ingestion], or contact with the skin [dermal contact]. MORE