External Flash

Technology / Digital Cameras / External Flash: A supplementary flash unit that connects to the camera with a cable, or is triggered by the light from the camera's internal flash. Many fun and creative effects can be created with external flash.

Other Words for External

External Verb Synonyms: outside, exterior, extrinsic, extraneous, alien, foreign, exotic
External Noun Synonyms: outer, outside, outward, exterior
External Adjective Synonyms: apparent, visible, perceptible, superficial, surface

Other Words for Flash

Flash Verb Synonyms: dazzling, showy, ostentatious, smart, chic, swish, classy, ritzy, snazzy
Flash Noun Synonyms: blaze, flame, flare, burst, dazzle, spark, sparkle, coruscation, fulguration, glitter, twinkle, twinkling, flicker, flickering, scintilla, scintillation, glint, shimmer, glimmer, gleam, beam, ray, shaft

Flash Synchronization

Entertainment / Photography / Flash Synchronization: Method of synchronizing flash light duration with maximum shutter opening. There are usually two settings on a camera, x and m. X is the setting used for electronic flash. M is for most expendable typ MORE

Flash Some Leather

Entertainment / Baseball / Flash Some Leather: Make a great defensive play. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Flashback: A method of narration in which present action is temporarily interrupted so that the reader can witness past events--usually in the form of a character's memories, dreams, narration, or even authorial MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Flashforward: A disruption of the chronological presentation of events, in which an event from the future is presented in a program's present. See flashback. MORE


Business / Construction / Flashing: Sheet metal or other material used in roof and wall construction to protect a building from water seepage. MORE

Flash Powder

Entertainment / Photography / Flash Powder: Chemical powder consisting of a mixture of metallic magnesium and an oxidizing agent. Ignited by heat to produce a brilliant flash of light. MORE