Face Detection

Technology / Digital Cameras / Face Detection: Face detection is a recent technology commonly found in point-and-shoot cameras. It recognizes one or more human faces in your frame, and sets focus priority on the people in your shot. Let's say you want a picture of your child peeking between two fence posts. Instead of focusing on the more obvious posts, face detection tells the camera to zero in on the child instead, giving you a clear, precisely focused portrait. Face detection can also trigger the camera to select optimal exposure, white balance, and flash settings to best suit your subject.

Other Words for Face

Face Adjective Synonyms: visage, countenance, physiognomy, features, lineaments, mug, mush, kisser, pan, puss, phiz, phizog, dial, clock
Face Verb Synonyms: coat, surface, cover, clad, dress, sheathe, overlay, finish, veneer
Face Noun Synonyms: mask, veneer, facade, front, camouflage, pretence, disguise, (false) impression, semblance, masquerade

Sanding Surfaces

Life Style / Painting / Sanding Surfaces: A heavily pigmented finishing material used for building the surface to a smooth condition. It is sanded after drying. MORE

Respiratory Surface

Science / Biology / Respiratory Surface: A thin, moist, epithelial surface that oxygen can cross to move into the body and carbon dioxide can cross to move out of the body. MORE

Refinish or Resurface

Entertainment / Bowling / Refinish or Resurface: To sand and/or polish a ball that is heavily tracked in an attempt to restore the out-of-box finish. MORE