Technology / Digital Cameras / File: A computer document.

Other Words for File

File Noun Synonyms: line, queue, column, row, rank
File Verb Synonyms: document, documentation, dossier, case, data, folder, portfolio, information

Executable File

Technology / Computers / Executable File: An executable file or has a file extension of .EXE. It is a type of binary file designed to be directly executed by a computer system. Unlike source files, an executable file cannot be read by humans. MORE

Temporary File

Technology / Computers / Temporary File: A file temporarily created by a program for its own use. Typically set to be hidden from the user. MORE

File Sharing

Technology / Computers / File Sharing: This is the most important feature of the Internet. This is a method of allowing one server to give the same file to many different end users. MORE

Longitudinal Profile

Science / Geology / Longitudinal Profile: A cross section of a stream or valley beginning at the source and continuing to the mouth. These profiles are drawn to illustrate the gradient of the stream. MORE

Compressed File

Technology / Computers / Compressed File: A file that has been reduced in size using one or more compression techniques, like .RAR, .ZIP, .TAR, .GZ. MORE

Midi Files

Technology / Home Audio / Midi Files: A computer file format containing musical information and performance data capable of being used in MIDI capable devices. MORE