Fill Flash

Technology / Digital Cameras / Fill Flash: A flash technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days. Some digital cameras include a fill flash mode that forces the flash to fire, even in bright light.

Other Words for Fill

Fill Verb Synonyms: crowd, stuff, cram, jam, load, burden, pack, squeeze

Other Words for Flash

Flash Verb Synonyms: dazzling, showy, ostentatious, smart, chic, swish, classy, ritzy, snazzy
Flash Noun Synonyms: blaze, flame, flare, burst, dazzle, spark, sparkle, coruscation, fulguration, glitter, twinkle, twinkling, flicker, flickering, scintilla, scintillation, glint, shimmer, glimmer, gleam, beam, ray, shaft


Technology / Television (TV) / Flashforward: A disruption of the chronological presentation of events, in which an event from the future is presented in a program's present. See flashback. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Flashback: A method of narration in which present action is temporarily interrupted so that the reader can witness past events--usually in the form of a character's memories, dreams, narration, or even authorial MORE


Business / Construction / Flashing: Sheet metal or other material used in roof and wall construction to protect a building from water seepage. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Fulfillment: Responding to requests from potential visitors. MORE

Heading Flash

Technology / Radar / Heading Flash: An illuminated radial line on the ppi for indicating own ship's heading on the bearing dial. Also called heading marker. MORE

Green Flash

Science / Weather / Green Flash: A brilliant green coloration of the upper edge of the sun, occasionally seen as the sun's apparent disk is about to set below a clear horizon. MORE