Film Speed

Technology / Digital Cameras / Film Speed: With traditional film cameras, sensitivity, also known as ISO, represents the film's sensitivity to light. A lower ISO number means that the film needs more light to take a picture than film with a higher ISO. Because digital cameras do not use film, manufacturers have had to create 'sensitivity' settings. Most digital cameras use 100 as their standard ISO sensitivity setting, and offer a range of other settings from 200 to 400, or more, to mimic the effects of using film with speeds of 100, 200, 400, etc. These higher settings can be very useful in low-light shooting conditions or when faster shutter speeds are required; however, because they are achieved by amplifying or boosting the image sensor's output, they can result in an increase of visible 'noise,' giving your pictures a somewhat 'grainy' look.

Other Words for Film

Film Noun Synonyms: coating, skin, coat, membrane, peel, integument, layer, overlay, covering, cover, sheet, dusting, veil, pellicle

Other Words for Speed

Speed Adjective Synonyms: hasten, make haste, hurry, rush, charge, dart, bolt, shoot, run, race, sprint, fly, streak, scurry, tear, hustle, scramble, scamper, career, bowl along, go or fly like the wind, go hell for leather, go like a bat out of hell, belt along, step on it
Speed Noun Synonyms: rapidity, fleetness, quickness, speediness, swiftness, velocity, dispatch or despatch, hurry, hurriedness, haste, hastiness, celerity, alacrity, expeditiousness, expedition, briskness, promptness, timeliness, suddenness, precipitateness, precipitousness,

Shutter Speed

Technology / Digital Cameras / Shutter Speed: The speed at which a digital camera's shutter exposes the image sensor to light. A shutter speed of 1/60 means that the sensor is exposed to light for 1/60th of a second. Faster shutter speeds are goo MORE

Sheet Film

Entertainment / Photography / Sheet Film: Alternative term for cut film. MORE

Safety Film

Entertainment / Photography / Safety Film: Term used to describe a film with a base that is not readily inflammable. MORE