Technology / Digital Cameras / Fire: Slang for shooting a picture. Example: I pressed the shutter button to fire.

Other Words for Fire

Fire Adjective Synonyms: feeling, passion, ardor, ardency, fervor, fervency, intensity, vigor, spirit, energy, vim, vivacity, sparkle, animation, liveliness, verve, pep, dash, vitality, eagerness, enthusiasm, fever, feverishness
Fire Verb Synonyms: detonate, set off, ignite, set fire to, light, let off
Fire Noun Synonyms: flame(s), blaze, conflagration, holocaust, inferno

Fire Rating

Business / Real Estate / Fire Rating: A rating of the length of time it takes a fire to penetrate a barrier. Designates the ability of a material to contain a fire in a carefully controlled test setting for a specified period of time. A m MORE


Science / Weather / Firewhirl: A tornado-like rotating column of fire and smoke created by intense heat from a forest fire or volcanic eruption. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Rapid-Fire: Allows you to shoot fast and continuously by tapping the fire button, or in some games, simply holding it down. MORE

Fire-Resistive Or Fire Rated

Business / Construction / Fire-Resistive Or Fire Rated: Applies to materials that are not combustible in the temperatures of ordinary fires and will withstand such fires for at least 1 hour. Drywall used in the garage and party walls are to be fire rated, MORE

Fire Stop

Business / Construction / Fire Stop: A solid, tight closure of a concealed space, placed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through such a space. In a frame wall, this will usually consist of 2 by 4 cross blocking between studs. Wor MORE

Fire Brick

Business / Construction / Fire Brick: Brick made of refractory ceramic material which will resist high temperatures. Used in a fireplace and boiler. MORE