Full Frame Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Full Frame Image Sensor: Some advanced digital SLR cameras feature an image sensor that has the same dimensions as a frame of 35mm film found on traditional film SLRs, which is much larger in physical size than sensors found in most digital cameras. All that extra surface area on these 'full frame' sensors has several benefits: superior light gathering, lower noise levels, and better resolution.

Other Words for Frame

Frame Verb Synonyms: enclose, box (in), set off
Frame Noun Synonyms: framework, shell, form, skeleton, support, chassis, framing, structure, fabric, scaffolding, construction

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Full Verb Synonyms: filled, replete, brimming, brim-full, packed, jam-packed, congested, loaded, bursting, chock-a-block, chock-full or choke-full or chuck-full, jammed, crammed, solid, well supplied, crowded, stuffed, gorged, saturated, sated, satiated
Full Noun Synonyms: complete, thorough, detailed, comprehensive, total, all-inclusive, broad, extensive, all-encompassing, exhaustive, plenary
Full Adverb Synonyms: very, perfectly, exceedingly, quite, damned
Full Adjective Synonyms: complete, entire, whole

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Image Adjective Synonyms: likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum, icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki
Image Noun Synonyms: epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, clone, spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer

Image Map

Technology / Computers / Image Map: Typically, an image map is graphical representation (also known as 'hot spots') containing predefined clickable hyperlinks. A good example of an image map would be a map containing clickable outlined MORE

Image Plane

Entertainment / Photography / Image Plane: Plane commonly at right angles to the optical axis at which a sharp image of the subject is formed. The nearer the subject is to the camera, the greater the lens image plane distance. MORE

Image Resolution

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Resolution: The number of pixels in a digital photo is commonly referred to as its image resolution. MORE