Technology / Digital Cameras / Highlights: The brightest parts of a photo.


Entertainment / Photography / Negative: Is the image produced on a photographic emulsion by the product of exposure and development, in which tones are reversed so that highlights appear dark and shadows appear light. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Contrasty: Negative, print or scene with great differences between the highlights and shadows. MORE

Albumen Paper

Entertainment / Photography / Albumen Paper: Printing paper invented by blanquart-evrard in the mid-19th century where egg whites were used to coat the paper base prior to sensitization. The albumen added to the brightness of the white base and MORE

Low Key

Entertainment / Photography / Low Key: Photograph in which tones are predominantly dark and there are few highlights. MORE

Taijiquan (Taaigikkyun)

Health / Tai Chi / Taijiquan (Taaigikkyun): Ji: the ultimate The key to the term's meaning is the derivation of the central character Ji (Gik,) shown at right. It's contemporary dictionary translation is 'ultimate' or 'extremity.' Initially it MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Rough: Longer grass adjacent to the fairways, greens and perhaps tees MORE