ISO Settings

Technology / Digital Cameras / ISO Settings: Adjustable on some cameras to simulate speed of film.

Isotropic Substance

Science / Geology / Isotropic Substance: One in which the magnitude of a physical property, such as transmission of light is independent of crystallographic direction. MORE


Life Style / Adoption / Liaison: The designation of a person within an organization who has responsibility for facilitating communication, collaboration and coordination between agencies involved in the child protection system. MORE

Local-State Governmental Advisory Committee (LSGAC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Local-State Governmental Advisory Committee (LSGAC): An FCC-established group that is working on an antenna-siting solution. The LSGAC will advise carriers and communities on antenna siting. MORE

Isotopic Mass

Science / Chemistry / Isotopic Mass: The mass of a single atom of a given isotope, usually given in daltons. MORE

Isotopic Abundance

Science / Chemistry / Isotopic Abundance: The fraction of atoms of a given isotope in a sample of an element. MORE

Isotope Geology

Science / Geology / Isotope Geology: The study of the relative abundances of isotopes in rocks to determine their ages (see geo-chronology) or conditions of formation. MORE