Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Sensor: A digital camera's image sensing element, or as it's often referred to, its image sensor. The image sensor's job is to convert light to electrical energy, which can then be stored in digital form in the camera's memory. An image sensor's photo-capturing power is measured in pixels, and will usually be seen expressed in megapixels. Sometimes, you may see two slightly different pixel counts listed for the same camera's sensor. These numbers represent effective pixel count and actual pixel count. The two most commonly found technologies used to capture digital images in today's cameras are CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors. Although both types have their unique strengths and weaknesses, neither one is inherently superior to the other. You can expect high-quality digital photographs from cameras using either technology.

Other Words for Image

Image Adjective Synonyms: likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum, icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki
Image Noun Synonyms: epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, clone, spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer

Image Stabilization

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Stabilization: A feature that reduces the blurring of images that occurs as a result of camera shake when taking hand-held shots, particularly at slow shutter speeds or when using telephoto lenses. Optical image sta MORE

Raw Image Format

Technology / Digital Cameras / Raw Image Format: A mode found on digital SLRs (and a few point-and-shoot models) that allows all the digital data captured by a camera's image sensor to be stored without first being processed or adjusted by the camer MORE

Full Frame Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Full Frame Image Sensor: Some advanced digital SLR cameras feature an image sensor that has the same dimensions as a frame of 35mm film found on traditional film SLRs, which is much larger in physical size than sensors found MORE