Image Stabilization

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Stabilization: A feature that reduces the blurring of images that occurs as a result of camera shake when taking hand-held shots, particularly at slow shutter speeds or when using telephoto lenses. Optical image stabilization works by using built-in vibration sensors to steer a special set of optical elements inside the lens that compensate for camera movement. Sensor-shifting stabilization works in much the same way, but instead of moving lens elements, the vibration sensors counteract camera shake by moving the image sensor itself.

Other Words for Image

Image Adjective Synonyms: likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum, icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki
Image Noun Synonyms: epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, clone, spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer

Line Image

Entertainment / Photography / Line Image: Photographic image consisting of black areas and clear film i.e. White. MORE

Miltonic Imagery

Entertainment / Literature / Miltonic Imagery: Imagery made famous by Milton's poetry--especially Paradise Lost. Examples include the dark angels or twisted demons laboring at Pandemonium's construction deep below the earth in fiery shadow, especi MORE

Narrative Image

Technology / Television (TV) / Narrative Image: A particular representation of a program created by advertising and promotion in order to entice viewers. MORE