Technology / Digital Cameras / Inkjet: A printer that places ink on the paper by spraying droplets through tiny nozzles.

Inkjet Printer

Technology / Computers / Inkjet Printer: A printing technology that utilizes print nozzles that spray ink onto the page. Not as fast or clean as a laser printer, but much less expensive. Ink typically comes in sets of two or four, and each s MORE

Laser Printer

Technology / Computers / Laser Printer: A type of printer that is a combination of an electro-static copying machine and a printer. An electro-static charge is used to transfer toner onto the page, which is then fused onto the paper due to MORE

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

Technology / Computers / Dots Per Inch (DPI): An image measurement standard that measures an images resolution as it applies to printers. It measures the images pixels in one square inch. The higher the number the better the images resolution or MORE