Manual Setting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Manual Setting: Allows you to set speed, aperture and other features.

Other Words for Manual

Manual Noun Synonyms: handbook, vade-mecum, enchiridion, directions, instructions, guide

Other Words for Setting

Setting Adjective Synonyms: mounting, scenery, background, backdrop, locale, location, surroundings, habitat, home, environs, environment, milieu, frame, context, site, placement, stage set or setting, mise en scŠne, scene

Policy-Procedures Manual

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Policy-Procedures Manual: A detailed written document designed to assist managers and supervisors in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities by acquainting them with all of the organization's policies and the procedures MORE

Provider Manual

Health / Health Insurance / Provider Manual: A document that contains information concerning a provider's rights and responsibilities as part of a network. MORE

Offsetting Compliance

Business / Agriculture / Offsetting Compliance: A requirement that a farmer owning multiple farms who wishes to participate in a crop program must comply with the program’s provisions on all farms under the farmer’s ownership in order to be eli MORE

Manual Submission

Business / Internet Marketing / Manual Submission: Adding a URL to the search engines individually by hand. MORE

Altimeter Setting

Technology / Aviation / Altimeter Setting: A reference setting on the altimeter so that the instrument indicates an accurate altitude. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Setting: The general locale, historical time, and social circumstances in which the action of a fictional or dramatic work occurs, the setting of an episode or scene within a work is the particular physical lo MORE