Technology / Digital Cameras / Media: Material that information is written to and stored on. Digital photography storage media includes compactflash cards and cds.


Business / Loan / Intermediaries: Non- or for-profit institutions that have specialized lending capacities. They obtain capital in the form of equity and low interest loans from a variety of sources, including foundations and other fu MORE

Immediate Denture

Health / Dentistry / Immediate Denture: A denture constructed for immediate placement after removal of the remaining teeth. MORE

Commedia Dellarte

Entertainment / Literature / Commedia Dellarte: A genre of Italian farce from the sixteenth-century characterized by stock characters, stock situations, and spontaneous dialogue. Typically, the plot is an intrigue plot and it involves a soubrette w MORE

Qualified Intermediary

Business / Real Estate / Qualified Intermediary: Corporation or entity who facilitates a 1031 tax deferred exchange (also known as an accommodator). To be a qualified intermediary, the intermediary must not be a related party. MORE

Intermediate Theory

Business / Real Estate / Intermediate Theory: Some states have adopted an intermediate theory of mortgage based on the principles of title theory, but requiring the mortgagee (lender) to foreclose to obtain legal title as is necessary in lien the MORE

In Medias Res

Entertainment / Literature / In Medias Res: (latinin the middle[s] of things): The classical tradition of opening an epic not in the chronological point at which the sequence of events would start, but rather at the midway point of the story. L MORE