Memory Stick

Technology / Digital Cameras / Memory Stick: A memory card slightly smaller than a single stick of chewing gum. Like compactflash and smartmedia, it is flash-based storage for your photos.

Other Words for Memory

Memory Noun Synonyms: remembrance, honor, homage, respect, tribute, celebration
Memory Verb Synonyms: recall, recollection, retention

Other Words for Stick

Stick Adjective Synonyms: pierce, thrust, stab, transfix, pin, spike, impale, spear, spit, run through, poke, gore, jab, prick, puncture, punch, penetrate, drill, bore, riddle, perforate
Stick Verb Synonyms: linger, dwell, remain (fixed), continue, stay, be or become lodged or stopped or fixed or fast or immovable or stationary, be or become entangled or enmired or bogged down
Stick Noun Synonyms: put, drop, place, deposit, shove, plonk, plunk, plop

Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM)

Technology / Computers / Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM): A small circuit board that can hold a group of memory chips. Typically, SIMMs hold up 8 (on Macintoshes) or 9 (on PCs) RAM chips. On PCs, the ninth chip is often used for parity error checking. Unlike MORE

Short Term Memory

Science / Chemistry / Short Term Memory: Short term memory is a mechanism for storing temporary information, such as where you parked your car or numbers in a simple arithmetic problems. MORE

Sense Memory

Technology / Television (TV) / Sense Memory: Technique of method acting style in which the actor draws upon memories of physical sensations of an emotional event in order to generate emotional memory. MORE

Singles Sticks

Entertainment / Tennis / Singles Sticks: A pair of poles which are placed underneath the net near the singles sideline for the purpose of raising it for single play. MORE

Slapstick Comedy

Entertainment / Literature / Slapstick Comedy: Low comedy in which humor depends almost entirely on physical actions and sight gags. The antics of the three stooges and the modern fourth stooge, Adam Sandler, often fall into this category. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stick: 1. Another name for the flagstick or pin 2. (also 'stiff, stoney') to put a shot close to the hole MORE