Technology / Digital Cameras / Saturation: How rich the colors are in a photo.

Color Saturation

Entertainment / Photography / Color Saturation: Purity or strength of color, due to the absence of black, white or gray. MORE

Saturation Point

Science / Weather / Saturation Point: The point when the water vapor in the atmosphere is at its maximum level for the existing temperature. MORE

Saturation (Chroma Or Chrominance)

Technology / Television (TV) / Saturation (Chroma Or Chrominance): In terms of television's image quality, the level of a color's purity (or how much or little grayness is mixed with the color). MORE


Science / Geology / Supersaturation: The unstable state of a solution that contains more solute than its solubility allows. MORE

Zone Of Saturation

Science / Geology / Zone Of Saturation: The zone beneath the water table where all pore spaces are completely filled with water. Water that exists within this zone is known as 'ground water'. MORE


Science / Weather / Hoarfrost: Another name for frost. A deposit of hoarfrost occurs when air with a dew point below freezing is brought to saturation by cooling. MORE