Scene Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Scene Mode: Most cameras offer what are called 'scene modes' — settings that are optimized for the demands of certain kinds of photographic scenes or subjects. Some common examples include an action/sports mode that increases a camera's sensitivity, so it can capture crisp shots of intense action without blurring the subject; or a night scene mode that slows down the camera's shutter speed to capture a darkened scene more accurately, with little or no help from the flash. Find out more about scene modes.

Other Words for Mode

Mode Noun Synonyms: way, manner, method, approach, form, course, fashion, procedure, technique, system, wise, modus operandi, methodology, standard operating procedure

Other Words for Scene

Scene Noun Synonyms: location, site, place, area, locale, spot, locality, whereabouts, sphere, milieu, backdrop, background

Multimode Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Multimode Camera: Is a 35mm camera that will operate in several modes. MORE

Myrrh (Balsamodendron myrrha)

Health / Herbs / Myrrh (Balsamodendron myrrha): Increases mucous membrane activity, helps fight infection by increasing white blood cells (that attack foreign microbials), treats weak pulse and cold skin, stimulates digestion by increasing peptic g MORE

Movie Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Movie Mode: Most point-and-shoot digital cameras, and even a select number of newer digital SLRs, let you record video either as an MPEG movie or a Motion JPEG movie. Most record audio too. Although these movie m MORE