Shutter Speed

Technology / Digital Cameras / Shutter Speed: The speed at which a digital camera's shutter exposes the image sensor to light. A shutter speed of 1/60 means that the sensor is exposed to light for 1/60th of a second. Faster shutter speeds are good for 'freezing' fast-moving action; slow ones allow you to intentionally blur the movement of your subject to emphasize motion, such as water traveling over a set of falls (these types of shots may require a tripod, since the human hand cannot hold a camera steady for very long). Simple digital cameras may have very little shutter speed adjustment; more sophisticated cams often have between 9 and 15 shutter speeds. Many cameras also offer shutter speed priority mode.

Other Words for Speed

Speed Noun Synonyms: rapidity, fleetness, quickness, speediness, swiftness, velocity, dispatch or despatch, hurry, hurriedness, haste, hastiness, celerity, alacrity, expeditiousness, expedition, briskness, promptness, timeliness, suddenness, precipitateness, precipitousness,
Speed Adjective Synonyms: hasten, make haste, hurry, rush, charge, dart, bolt, shoot, run, race, sprint, fly, streak, scurry, tear, hustle, scramble, scamper, career, bowl along, go or fly like the wind, go hell for leather, go like a bat out of hell, belt along, step on it

Shutter Priority Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / Shutter Priority Mode: Shutter Priority mode can be found in most dSLRs and SLR-like cameras and some compact Digital Cameras. When using the Shutter Priority mode, the camera allows manual setting of the shutter speed and MORE

ISO Film Speed Equivalency

Technology / Digital Cameras / ISO Film Speed Equivalency: With traditional film cameras, sensitivity, also known as ISO, represents the film's sensitivity to light. A lower ISO number means that the film needs more light to take a picture than film with a hi MORE

Shutter Priority Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Shutter Priority Camera: Semi-automatic camera on which the photographer selects the shutter speed, and the camera automatically sets an appropriate aperture. MORE