Technology / Digital Cameras / Size: Extremely variable in digital cameras.

Other Words for Size

Size Noun Synonyms: magnitude, largeness, bigness, bulk, extent, scope, range, dimensions, proportions, measurement(s), expanse, area, square footage, volume, mass, weight, hugeness, immensity, greatness, vastness, enormousness

Source Size

Science / Spiders / Source Size: the size of the virtual electron source in the electron microscope, resulting in illumination divergence, which determines the degree of spatial coherence. The source size is given as an angle, in deg MORE

Pixel Size

Science / Spiders / Pixel Size: the number of Angstroms per pixel in the digitized micrograph. Pixel size is computed as ps (A/p) = [10,000(A/u) * SR(u) * DF] / M, where ps = pixelsize, SR = scanning resolution, DF = decimation fact MORE

Normal Market Size (NMS)

Business / Finance / Normal Market Size (NMS): A system that categorizes the size of transactions that are normal for a particular security and forces market makers to deal within these sizes. MORE

Unit Size

Life Style / Time Shares / Unit Size: Timeshares are usually described as condominium units, hotel-style units, studio units, or by the number of bedrooms. Sizes can range from studios to spacious four-bedroom units that sleep 10, to luxu MORE

Frame Size

Technology / Motors / Frame Size: Refers to a set of physical dimensions of motors as established by NEMA. These dimensions include critical mounting dimensions. 48 and 56 frame motors are considered fractional horsepower sizes even t MORE

Size Category

Life Style / Travel / Size Category: Ship sizes range from small (less than 40,000 tons), medium (45,000 - 65,000 tons), large (65,000 - 100,000 tons) and very large (over 100,000 tons). MORE