Telephoto Lens

Technology / Digital Cameras / Telephoto Lens: A telephoto lens makes it possible to capture crisp, close-up shots of far-away subjects. The longer the camera's 35mm equivalent focal length, the more telephoto shooting ability the camera has. For example, a 38-300mm equivalent lens has more telephoto power than a wide-angle lens with a 28-140mm equivalent focal length. Often digital camera users refer to optical zoom measurements to indicate a camera's telephoto ability.

Conversion Lenses

Technology / Digital Cameras / Conversion Lenses: Wide-angle or telephoto lenses that attach to permanent lens. MORE

Process Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Process Lens: Lens system designed specifically for high quality copying. MORE

Positive Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Positive Lens: Simple lens that causes light rays from a subject to converge to a point. MORE