Technology / Digital Cameras / Thumbnail: A small version of a photo. Image browsers commonly display thumbnails of photos several or even dozens at a time. In Windows XP's My Pictures, you can view thumbnails of photos in both the Thumbnails and Filmstrip view modes.

Other Words for Thumbnail

Thumbnail Noun Synonyms: rough, undetailed, cursory, sketchy, superficial, brief, short, quick, compact, concise, pithy, succinct

Thumbnail Sketch

Life Style / Painting / Thumbnail Sketch: Small (credit card size or so) tonal and compositional sketches to try out design or subject ideas. MORE

Photo File Index Print

Entertainment / Photography / Photo File Index Print: Makes ordering reprints and enlargements easy. A small print shows a positive, 'thumbnail' version of every picture on an aps roll. Each thumbnail picture is numbered on the index print to match the f MORE