Technology / Digital Cameras / Viewfinder: A viewfinder is the small square on the back of a camera that the photographer holds up to his eye. Using the viewfinder is the traditional method of framing photos prior to shooting. Many digital cameras offer an optical viewfinder, just like the ones found on film cameras. A few cameras, most notably those with high-powered telephoto zoom lenses, have electronic viewfinders (EVF) that use a color LCD to show what the lens is seeing, much like a camcorder's viewfinder. A growing number of cameras have given up the viewfinder altogether; framing photos requires you to use the LCD view screen. Although a viewfinder doesn't provide as big an image as a view screen, it may be preferable when shooting outdoors in direct sunlight, which can wash out the image on a view screen. Using a viewfinder can also provide greater freedom from camera shake because the camera is being held against your face for stability while snapping photos.

Brightline Viewfinder

Entertainment / Photography / Brightline Viewfinder: Viewfinder in which the subject is outlined by a bright frame, apparently suspended in space. This may show parallax correction marks, or lines indicating the fields of view of different focal lengths MORE

Direct Vision Viewfinder

Entertainment / Photography / Direct Vision Viewfinder: Sighting device with which the subject is viewed directly, without the aid of a prism or mirror. MORE

Matte Field

Entertainment / Photography / Matte Field: Is a granular textured surface that disperses light in order to form a clear image. Used in the viewfinder optical system. MORE