White Balance

Technology / Digital Cameras / White Balance: White balance is the electronic adjustment of light levels to remove unrealistic color tones or hues, so that objects that appear white in person are rendered white in your photos. This process helps recorded images to retain their true colors. All digital cameras offer automatic white balance, and most feature additional preset levels or even custom manual settings. These manual adjustments can provide better color accuracy than the automatic settings when shooting under a mixture of light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, and daylight.

Other Words for Balance

Balance Noun Synonyms: scale(s), steelyard
Balance Verb Synonyms: weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate

Other Words for White

White Noun Synonyms: snow-white, snowy, chalk-white, chalky, ivory, creamy, milky, milk-white, oyster-white, off-white, silver, hoary
White Verb Synonyms: Caucasian, Caucasoid, light-skinned, fair-skinned, pale-complexioned

Target Cash Balance

Business / Finance / Target Cash Balance: When the trading volume is so heavy that trades appear on the tape more than a minute behind the timer they actually take place. MORE

Trial Balance

Business / Accounting / Trial Balance: A listing of all account balances: provides a means of testing whether total debits equal total credits for all accounts. MORE

Swenson White

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Swenson White: Has synonym name ES 6-1-43. Very vigorous variety developed in 1980 and released around 1994 by Elmer Swenson at the Univ. of Minnesota from an Edelweiss x E.S. 442 seedling that ripens around early O MORE