Wide-Angle Lens

Technology / Digital Cameras / Wide-Angle Lens: A wide-angle lens can capture an extra-wide view of the scene immediately before a camera. This allows you to more easily photograph panoramic landscapes for example, or take big group shots without forcing everyone to squeeze together. The shorter (or lower) a lens's 35mm equivalent focal length, the more wide-angle shooting ability the camera has. For example, a 28-140mm equivalent lens has more wide-angle capture ability than a telephoto-oriented 38-300mm equivalent lens.

Telephoto Lens

Technology / Digital Cameras / Telephoto Lens: A telephoto lens makes it possible to capture crisp, close-up shots of far-away subjects. The longer the camera's 35mm equivalent focal length, the more telephoto shooting ability the camera has. For MORE

Fisheye Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Fisheye Lens: Extreme wide-angle lens with an angle of view exceeding 100° and sometimes in excess of 180°. Depth of field is practically infinite and focusing is not required. MORE

Inverted Telephoto Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Inverted Telephoto Lens: Lens construction which gives a short focal length with a long back focus or lens-film distance. It enable wide-angle lenses to be produced for small format cameras, where space is required for mirror MORE