A-B Split

Technology / Email / A-B Split: Refers to a test situation in which a list is split into two pieces with every other name being sent one specific creative, and vice versa.

Other Words for Split

Split Verb Synonyms: crack, cleft, fissure, chink, cranny, slit, slot, crevice, groove, furrow, channel, sulcus, gap, hiatus, lacuna, opening, separation, division, chasm, rift, break, rupture, fracture, slash, gash, tear, rip, rent

Split Rating

Business / Finance / Split Rating: Block trade printed at two different prices. Often used in dividend rolls to get an average price equal to the dividend. MORE

Split Print

Business / Finance / Split Print: A large securities transaction that is divided into smaller orders that are spread out over some period of time to avoid large fluctuations in the market price. MORE

Split Step

Entertainment / Tennis / Split Step: A footwork technique, doing a small hop just before the opponent hits the ball. MORE

Split Stock

Business / Finance / Split Stock: Two different ratings given to the same security by two important rating agencies. MORE

Split The Defense

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Split The Defense: To skate between two defenders into or within the attacking zone. MORE

Split Phase Start

Technology / Motors / Split Phase Start: Motor which employs a main winding and an auxiliary winding, which is called the starting winding. The windings are unlike and thereby 'split' the single phase of the power supply by causing a phase d MORE