Accreditation-Based Systems

Technology / Email / Accreditation-Based Systems: Third-party whitelist programs that certify senders to convince ISPs that those using the systems are legitimate mailers who should not be blocked. Examples include: Bonded Sender from ReturnPath and Safelist from Habeas.

Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)

Technology / Computers / Open Systems Interconnection (OSI): A reference model developed by the International Organization of Standardization. It splits networking into seven layers which provide specific services and communications standards. MORE

Low-Flow Irrigation Systems

Business / Agriculture / Low-Flow Irrigation Systems: These systems (drip, trickle, and micro sprinklers) provide water in small volumes and generally provide water to plants with less waste than furrow irrigation. Drip and trickle systems apply water th MORE

Organ Systems

Science / Biology / Organ Systems: Groups of organs that perform related functions. MORE


Science / Biology / Photosystems: Clusters of several hundred molecules of chlorophyll in a thylakoid in which photosynthesis takes place. Eukaryotes have two types of photosystems: I and II. The series of green photoreceptive pigment MORE

Systems of Care

Life Style / Adoption / Systems of Care: A system of care is a process of partnering an array of service agencies and families, working together to provide individualized care and supports designed to help children and families achieve safet MORE

Semi-Permanent Pressure Systems

Science / Weather / Semi-Permanent Pressure Systems: A relatively stable, stationary pressure-and-wind system where the pressure is predominately high or low with the changing season. They are not of a transitory nature, like migratory lows that develop MORE