Affirmative Consent

Technology / Email / Affirmative Consent: An active request by a reader or subscriber to receive advertising or promotional information, newsletters, etc. Generally affirmative consent does not included the following -- failing to uncheck a pre-checked box on a Web form, entering a business relationship with an organization without being asked for separate permission to be sent specific types of email, opt-out.

Other Words for Consent

Consent Adjective Synonyms: agree, comply, concur, accede, acquiesce, concede, yield, submit, cede, conform, give in
Consent Verb Synonyms: permit, allow, agree to, give in to, approve, authorize

Customers Loan Consent

Business / Finance / Customers Loan Consent: Customer is firm on price and has set the price at which to transact. MORE

Consent to Adopt or Consent to Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Consent to Adopt or Consent to Adoption: Legal permission for the adoption to proceed. MORE

Informed Consent

Science / Genetics / Informed Consent: An individual willingly agrees to participate in an activity after first being advised of the risks and benefits. MORE