Technology / Email / Alert: Email message that notifies subscribers of an event or special price.

Other Words for Alert

Alert Verb Synonyms: warn, caution, advise, alarm, forewarn, signal, notify
Alert Noun Synonyms: lookout
Alert Adjective Synonyms: awake, wide awake, watchful, vigilant, attentive, heedful, wary, cautious, on the qui vive, aware, on guard, on the lookout, observant, on the ball, on one's toes

Radar Alert

Business / Finance / Radar Alert: Close monitoring of trading patterns in a company's stock by senior managers to uncover unusual buying activity that might signal a takeover attempt. See: Shark watcher. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Hypersomnia: Excessive sleepiness, as evidenced by prolonged nocturnal sleep, difficulty maintaining an alert awake state during the day, or undesired daytime sleep episodes. ideas of reference The feeling that ca MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Prosopagnosia: Inability to recognize familiar faces that is not explained by defective visual acuity or reduced consciousness or alertness. MORE

Akinetic Mutism

Science / Psychiatry / Akinetic Mutism: A state of apparent alertness with following eye movements but no speech or voluntary motor responses. MORE

Disclosed Dual Agency

Business / Real Estate / Disclosed Dual Agency: Real estate licensing laws may permit dual agency only if the buyer and seller are informed and consent to the brokers representation of both in the same transaction. Although the possibility of confl MORE

Song (Sung)

Health / Tai Chi / Song (Sung): Loosening. Relaxation. A prerequisite for the free flow of qi is a state of relaxation in every part of the body. The joints will be lowered by gravity and the body will be firmly rooted yet light and MORE