Technology / Email / Attachments: These are files which you can send along with your email, for example, graphics files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, etc. Any file you want to send along with your email. Most free email providers have a maximum size limit for attachments.

Macro Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Macro Lens: Is a lens specially designed to give accurate resolution of a very near subject without the need for supplementary attachments. Sometimes, incorrectly, referred to as a micro lens. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Mobile-Home: Prefabricated trailer-type housing units that are semipermanently attached to land, which is either the owners fee land or a leasehold, such as in a mobile-home park. Mobile homes are usually affixed MORE


Science / Spiders / Sigillum: (pl. sigilla) An impressed, sclerotized spot, often reddish-brown. Often present on the dorsal surface of the abdomen and marking points of internal muscle attachments. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / T-Slot: The slots made in the tables of machine tools for the square-head bolts used to clamp the workpiece, attachments, or work-holding fixtures in position for performing the machining operations. MORE

Universal Milling Machine

Business / Machine Shop / Universal Milling Machine: A milling machine with a worktable that can be swiveled for milling helical work. It is always supplied with attachments, including an indexing fixture. MORE

Genial Tubercles

Health / Dentistry / Genial Tubercles: Mental spines - Small round elevations (usually two pairs) clustered around the midline on the lingual surface of the lower portion of the man-- dibular symphysis. These tubercles serve as attachments MORE