Technology / Email / Blacklist: A list developed by anyone receiving email, or processing email on its way to the recipient, or interested third-parties, that includes domains or IP addresses of any emailers suspected of sending spam. Many companies use blacklists to reject inbound email, either at the server level or before it reaches the recipient's in-box. Also Blocklist and Blackhole list.

Blacklist - Private

Technology / Email / Blacklist - Private: A list of IP addresses believed to send spam, compiled by an ISP based on user complaints, mail sent to spam trap addresses, and 'unknown user' rates. Each receiving ISP uses its own private blacklist MORE

Blacklist - Public

Technology / Email / Blacklist - Public: A list of IP addresses believed to send spam. Public blacklists are created and maintained by third parties; sometimes used by ISPs as another filtering mechanism to block email delivery. MORE


Technology / Email / Spamcop: A blacklist and IP-address database, formerly privately owned but now part of the email vendor Ironport. Many ISPs check the IP addresses of incoming email against Spamcop's records to determine wheth MORE