Blacklist - Public

Technology / Email / Blacklist - Public: A list of IP addresses believed to send spam. Public blacklists are created and maintained by third parties; sometimes used by ISPs as another filtering mechanism to block email delivery.

Other Words for Public

Public Adjective Synonyms: open, manifest, exposed, overt, projected, plain, obvious, apparent, patent, clear, clear-cut, acknowledged, known, admitted, visible, viewable, conspicuous
Public Noun Synonyms: communal, community, common, general, collective, universal, catholic, popular, worldwide

Pre-Admission Certification-Continued Stay Review (PAC-CSR)

Health / Dentistry / Pre-Admission Certification-Continued Stay Review (PAC-CSR): The process through which the reviewer evaluates the attending physician's request for admission to an acute care hospital and length of stay. Medical necessity is determined using established criteri MORE

Pre-Admission Review

Health / Health Insurance / Pre-Admission Review: A review of an individual's health care status or condition, prior to an individual being admitted to an inpatient health care facility, such as a hospital. Pre-admission reviews are often conducted b MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Pre-Amp: A circuit unit which takes a small signal and amplifies it sufficiently to be fed into the power amplifier for further amplification. A pre-amp includes all of the controls for regulating tone, volume MORE

Pre-Admission Certification

Health / Health Insurance / Pre-Admission Certification: Also called pre-certification review, or pre-admission review. Approval by a case manager or insurance company representative (usually a nurse) for a person to be admitted to a hospital or in-patient MORE

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Science / Genetics / Prader-Willi Syndrome: A condition characterized by obesity and insatiable appetite, mental deficiency, small genitals, and short stature. May be deletion of #15 chromosome. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Power-Of-Attorney: A written instrument authorizing a person, the attorney-in-fact, to act as the agent on behalf of another to the extent indicated in the instrument. MORE