Technology / Email / Bounce: A message sent by a receiving system that 'bounces back' to the originating server to alert the sender of the non-delivery.

Other Words for Bounce

Bounce Noun Synonyms: bound, leap, hop, recoil, ricochet, rebound
Bounce Verb Synonyms: bound, rebound, hop, recoil, ricochet

Bounce Message

Technology / Email / Bounce Message: Message sent back to an email sender reporting the message could not be delivered and why. Note: Not all bounced emails result in messages being sent back to the sender. Not all bounce messages are cl MORE

Bounce Rate

Technology / Email / Bounce Rate: Number of hard/soft bounces divided by the number of emails sent. This is an inexact number because some systems do not report back to the sender clearly or accurately. MORE

Bounce Handling

Technology / Email / Bounce Handling: The process of dealing with the email that has bounced. Bounce handling is important for list maintenance, list integrity and delivery. Given the lack of consistency in bounce messaging formats, it's MORE

Soft Bounce

Technology / Email / Soft Bounce: Email sent to an active (live) email address but which is turned away before being delivered. Often, the problem is temporary -- the server is down or the recipient's mailbox is over quota. The email MORE

Bounce Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Bounce Pass: The bounce pass is a fundamental and very effective passing technique. This pass consists of one player passing the ball to a teammate by bouncing the ball off the floor with great energy. Because the MORE

Member Bounce

Entertainment / Golf / Member Bounce: (also 'member's bounce, lucky kick') a very favorable (lucky) bounce or kick of the ball MORE