Bounce Handling

Technology / Email / Bounce Handling: The process of dealing with the email that has bounced. Bounce handling is important for list maintenance, list integrity and delivery. Given the lack of consistency in bounce messaging formats, it's an inexact science at best.

Other Words for Bounce

Bounce Noun Synonyms: bound, leap, hop, recoil, ricochet, rebound
Bounce Verb Synonyms: bound, rebound, hop, recoil, ricochet

Member Bounce

Entertainment / Golf / Member Bounce: (also 'member's bounce, lucky kick') a very favorable (lucky) bounce or kick of the ball MORE

Hard Bounce

Technology / Email / Hard Bounce: Message sent to an invalid, closed or nonexistent email account. MORE

Peak Power Handling (Max)

Technology / Home Audio / Peak Power Handling (Max): Peak power handling refers to the amount of power a speaker is estimated to handle during a brief high-intensity musical burst. Since this can vary with both frequency and amplitude, it is a much less MORE

Power Handling

Technology / Home Audio / Power Handling: A measure of how much amplifier power, in watts, a speaker can take before it is damaged. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stickhandling: The act of controlling the puck with one's stick, especially while manoeuvering through opponents. MORE

Soft Bounce

Technology / Email / Soft Bounce: Email sent to an active (live) email address but which is turned away before being delivered. Often, the problem is temporary -- the server is down or the recipient's mailbox is over quota. The email MORE