Bulk Folder

Technology / Email / Bulk Folder: Where many email clients send messages that appear to be from spammers or contain spam or are from any sender who's not in the recipient's address book or contact list. Some clients allow the recipient to override the system's settings and direct that mail from a suspect sender be sent directly to the inbox. E.g., Yahoo!Mail gives recipients a button marked 'Not Spam' on every message in the bulk folder.

Other Words for Bulk

Bulk Noun Synonyms: volume, magnitude, mass, enlargement, largeness, size

Bulk Transfer Of Goods

Business / Real Estate / Bulk Transfer Of Goods: Any transfer in bulk of a substantial part of the materials, supplies, merchandise, equipment or other inventory of an applicable enterprise that is not in the ordinary course of the transferors busin MORE

Bulk Sales Transfer

Business / Real Estate / Bulk Sales Transfer: Any transfer in bulk (and not a transfer in the ordinary course of the sellers business) of a major part of the materials, inventory or supplies of an enterprise. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) reg MORE

Bulk Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Bulk Zoning: Zoning for density. Regulates height restrictions, open-space requirements, parking and setback. MORE