Technology / Email / Cell: Aka Test cell or version. A segment of your list that receives different treatment specifically to see how it responds versus the control (regular treatment.)

Other Words for Cell

Cell Noun Synonyms: chamber, room, apartment, cubicle, stall

Somatic Cell Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cell Gene Therapy: Incorporating new genetic material into cells for therapeutic purposes. The new genetic material cannot be passed to offspring. MORE

Photo-Electric Cell

Entertainment / Photography / Photo-Electric Cell: Light sensitive cell. Two types are used in exposure meters. A selenium cell generates electricity in proportion to the amount of light falling upon its surface. A cadmium sulfide cell offers a resist MORE

B Memory Cells

Science / Biology / B Memory Cells: Long-lived B cells that are produced after an initial exposure to an antigen and play an important role in secondary immunity. They remain in the body and facilitate a more rapid responce if the antig MORE

Voltaic Cell

Science / Chemistry / Voltaic Cell: An electrochemical cell that spontaneously generates electrical energy. MORE

Cadmium Sulfide Cell (Cds)

Entertainment / Photography / Cadmium Sulfide Cell (Cds): Photo-sensitive cell used in exposure meters. Fed by an electric current from a battery, its electrical resistance varies according to the amount of light it receives. MORE

Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells

Science / Genetics / Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells: An embryonic cell that can replicate indefinitely, transform into other types of cells, and serve as a continuous source of new cells. MORE