Challenge Response

Technology / Email / Challenge Response: Method of approving senders to specific email addresses that asks the email sender to answer a question proving he is a real person and not a 'spam cannon' attempting to send email. Primarily used by Earthlink and selected client-side filters.

Other Words for Challenge

Challenge Noun Synonyms: question, dispute, doubt
Challenge Verb Synonyms: question, dispute, defy, object to, take exception to, contest, doubt, call into doubt, call into or to question, impugn

Other Words for Response

Response Noun Synonyms: answer, reply, retort, rejoinder, reaction, effect, feedback, return, comeback

Inflammatory Response

Science / Biology / Inflammatory Response: The bodys reaction to invading infectious microorganisms; includes an increase in blood fiow to the affected area, the release of chemicals that draw white blood cells, an increased fiow of plasma, an MORE

Lag Response Of Prepayments

Business / Finance / Lag Response Of Prepayments: A delay of typically about three months between the time the weighted-average coupon of an MBS pool crosses the threshold for refinancing and observation of an acceleration in prepayment speed is obse MORE

Frequency Response

Technology / Home Audio / Frequency Response: The range of frequencies that a speaker will reproduce (lowest frequency to the highest). While the optimal normal is 20 - 20,000 Hz (Hertz), the range of human hearing for individuals is often much m MORE

Flat Response

Technology / Home Audio / Flat Response: An output signal in which fundamental frequencies and harmonics are in the same proportion as those of the input signal being amplified. A flat frequency response would exhibit relatively equal respon MORE

Fight Or Flight Response

Health / First Aid / Fight Or Flight Response: Fight or flight refers to the two choices our ancestors had when facing a dangerous animal or enemy. MORE

Linear Phase Response

Technology / Home Audio / Linear Phase Response: Any system which accurately preserves phase relationships between frequencies. MORE